Why use a presentation designer?

Jan 24

We’ve been designing presentations for two decades. In the beginning this was a niche skill, available only to those with design talent, specialist software and technical knowhow. Nowadays, more or less anyone can create presentations with easily accessible software and very little knowledge.

So, why would anyone use a presentation designer?

What do presentation designers do?

Very simply: we help our clients to use presentation platforms to communicate. We make their presentations clear and effective, we make sure they work seamlessly, and we make them on-brand and beautiful. 

The process varies from client to client and job to job. Sometimes we’re involved from the very beginning, working with the client to create their presentation content from scratch, creating graphics based on a rough script and raw data. More often, we’re called in to ‘rescue’ an existing deck which needs a little love (or maybe a lot of love).

What’s the difference?

What value do presentation designers add? How is the finished product different (and better) than if you’d designed it yourself?

1. We are faster

We just are. We’ve been doing this every day for years. We know where every button is and we know all the keyboard shortcuts. More importantly, we can quickly look at a page of text and come up with three different ways to present it visually, in about the same amount of time it takes most people to finish reading the last bullet point.

If you need something quickly, or if you simply can’t afford to invest your time in making presentations, you need to call a designer.

2. We see things you don’t

As graphic designers, we are detail-oriented. We spot mistakes most people never would (until that mistake is blown up on a large screen for an audience full of important people…).

Hiring professionals helps to ensure you can step on stage confident that you won’t be embarrassed by any typos, misaligned objects, stretched logos or other brand no-nos.

3. We build templates properly

It’s fairly easy to make a slide look nice. It’s more difficult to make sure it is built properly. Professional presentation designers have full technical mastery of the programs they use, skills they use to build templates which are technically sound.

This means that they are reliable and work well. Whether you’re commissioning a presentation for an event or an in-house template for your team to use over and over again, you want to ensure there are no weird quirks, nasty bugs or unexpected surprises. Working with a presentation designer will give you that peace of mind.

4.We know how to communicate your messages

What can’t a premade template or PowerPoint’s ‘Design Suggestions’ do? Sympathetically design every element of your slide to communicate your specific messages.

We talk to you, understand your content and use our creative reasoning to produce designs which are relevant and uniquely tailored to you, your brand and your messages.

We can work with you to create, edit or adapt your content to best tell your story. We can re-interpret your ideas to tell the most clear, visual narrative for your audience. We can contribute with fresh concepts, creativity and a time-honed understanding of what works and why. 

5. We level up your designs

The brightfive team are graphic designers who also specialise in presentation design. And so, we bring all the skills of a graphic designer to these (often neglected) platforms.

We can take your slides to the next level, incorporating professional image editing software to create beautiful custom graphics, video and motion graphics, complex animation and interactivity.


So, now you know just how much value a presentation designer can add. If you have a presentation project you want to test our team with, just get in touch. We’re always up for a challenge.