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We build websites to suit your needs and every site is bespoke (no ‘off-the-shelf’ templates here). We look at what your business really needs, whether that’s a straightforward brochure website or something a bit more complex.

If we don’t really think a website needs to be your first priority, we’ll tell you. Maybe just a well-maintained Facebook page is all you need to build your brand. Every business is different and we want to find the right digital strategy for you - even if that means a smaller invoice from us.

In everything we do we keep our clients’ long-term interests in mind. That’s how we keep them coming back. Our websites are well-built, using clean code, giving you the ability to update and refresh content and add features as your requirements change.

...our CMS

We think everyone should be able to update their content as often as they like, as standard, without incurring any extra charges.

brightfive have developed our own content management system - Hatstand™ . Hatstand™ CMS lets you add and style text, upload images and video, and arrange the blocks of content as you wish. You edit pages in-line and see the results immediately.

We provide you with the structure and you hang your content on it (like a hatstand, see?).


When selling your products online it’s essential that the process is quick and straightforward for the customer. We build ecommerce websites that look beautiful, work seamlessly and sell - because if it’s not easy to buy, customers won’t buy.

Our ecommerce sites are made to accommodate your needs, from simple ‘buy it now’ buttons to bespoke online shops and fully configured Magneto installation and Shopify stores. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, we’ll find the application that suits you.

We are Shopify Partners, utilising this top-rated ecommerce solution available to provide you with a reliable, secure and user-friendly online store.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our ecommerce sites are built with search engines in mind. Each product, category and subcategory is optimally structured and tagged to gain maximum exposure. Each site is integrated with Google Analytics reporting, allowing you to gain a sound understanding of your customers and their behaviours.

Online Applications

We build clever online applications that help you to work more efficiently and effectively.

If you suspect there’s a quicker, smarter or better way to do something, there probably is. We like solving problems. Whether it’s tracking timesheets or renewing insurance policies, our online systems are built to help you to streamline your daily processes, stay organised and avoid human error.

Have a look at our projects to see how we can help.

Staff Engagement Sites

Internal websites are a great way for large companies, or businesses spread across a number of sites, to engage with their staff.

Staff engagement intranet sites are a simple, logical way to:

  • communicate messages and targets
  • encourage discussion
  • share training materials, documents, images, videos, games and more.

All this helps you to build an online community where you can communicate with consistency. We’ve helped many clients engage with their people through public and private staff sites, take a look at our case studies to see how it works:

Domain Registration

We can help you register domain names, set up and manage emails and host your website or application.

Our hosting options, as with our email provision, can range in cost and features depending on your needs. All our servers are secure and reliable with multiple back-up options - and can grow with you as your business does.

Mobile & Apps

The majority of us are increasingly using our phones and tablets to access the internet. So, clearly it’s an advantage to have a website that your customers can access with ease, whenever and wherever they like.

What do you need?

As always, our mobile services begin with a comprehensive analysis of your business, your resources and your customers. This is how we decide the best strategy for you.

Mobile sites, apps and responsive designs are certainly desirable, but they’re not the cheapest choice and can substantially increase the budget once you've taken everything into account (multiple layouts and lots of device testing!). Every business will need to consider the options here. It’s all dependent on who your customers are and how they use your application or website.

We look at the facts and we assess your need. If you don’t need to spend your money, we’ll tell you.

If this is a public site, online store, or your customers are mobile, there are a number of options:

Mobile Layouts

Fully optmised sites, designed especially to work seamlessly on smaller screens.

Responsive Layouts

Your site ‘responds’ to the device it’s being viewed with. It looks just as good on a smartphone or tablet as it does on a widescreen PC monitor.

Native Apps

Apps are by no means the solution for every business, but - as over 80% of the times users spend on their mobiles is spent using apps - they can clearly be a powerful tool. An intelligently designed native app can drive customer engagement and encourage loyalty by offering a personalised service and exclusive offers, and is available when and where the users wants it (even offline).

We'll help you choose the best option for you and design, build and maintain a service which works for your business and your customers.

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