Whitbread Information Systems Rebrand

Whitbread Information Systems Rebrand

Project scope


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Whitbread PLC’s Informations Systems Department are planning some big changes in the way they operate. As such, they wanted to change the perceptions within their own department and throughout the wider business.

Our brief was to create a bespoke large piece of print which communicated the WIS team’s vision for their department’s future, in an eye-catching and attractive way. This design work needed to be undertaken with an awareness that this design could be adapted in for future use - for both print and screen.

The WIS Team wanted to emphasise the journey their department were undertaking over the next 5 years. Working with our clients Roebuck Productions and the WIS team, we brainstormed a number of different ideas to visually communicate this. We agreed a mountaineering theme had the best potential to express the ideas of progress and teamwork in an interesting way.

The brightfive design team oversaw the design and print of a bespoke format wall foamex, now proudly on display at the Whitbread IS offices, as well as pull ups and pens in this design.