East Coast Loyalty 2014
East Coast Loyalty 2014
East Coast Loyalty 2014

East Coast Loyalty Awards 2014

Every year, train operator East Coast welcome their longest-serving employees to York Racecourse for the East Coast Loyalty Awards.

To accommodate the large number of staff celebrating career milestones in 2014, East Coast held two separate events this year, one for staff based in the South of the UK and one for the North. Staff from across the franchise - including drivers, cleaners, engineers, station and office workers -  all of whom have just completed 25 or 40 years of service, or who have recently retired, came together (along with partners and guests). Attendees were treated to the awards presentation followed by dinner, entertainment and (probably most importantly of all) a free bar.

brightfive, working for Production Values, once again produced the Keynote presentations and were onsite operating on both events.

Sophie shared her thoughts on her three years working at this event:

“I'm really glad to have been on the Loyalty Awards for the last three years (in fact, my first show in 2012 was my very first live event at brightfive!). It really is a special event, all about appreciating people. Colleagues really show their affection for each other, there’s lots of laughter and occasionally a few tears. Mostly I like it because so many of these people, who've been in the railways for decades, have stayed because they love their jobs. They love trains, they love the industry and they love working with one another, and that’s a lovely thing to see."

This will be the last East Coast Loyalty Awards as we know it, as the business prepares to return to private ownership. brightfive and East Coast have a long history - Katie and Simon's working relationship with the company in fact pre-dates brightfive, back in the GNER days of the early noughties. So, we’d really like to thank Production Values and the East Coast HR department (genuinely some of the nicest people we have the pleasure of working with) for inviting us to be part of this event once again, and for all the years we've worked together.