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Where To Find The Best Free (And Legal) Fonts


Photo by Andrew Areoff on Unsplash

Now, if you’ve been paying attention to our every little move (which, naturally, I assume you have) you will know that a few months ago, we shared our favourite websites providing 100% free and legit stock photography.

So helpful, so selfless, I know.

Carrying on in this vein, here is another handy collection of design resources. These are our top sites for beautiful, diverse, free-to-use fonts. So there is absolutely no excuse to ever use Papyrus on a poster again.

Obligatory disclaimer: We’ve done our best to make sure these recommendations are trustworthy. However, you download stuff off the internet at your own risk. Always make sure your Antivirus protection is active and up to date, and always practise common sense.

Please note - not every font on each of these sites will be 100% free for any usage. Always be sure to check individual terms and conditions and, if in doubt, contact the site or designer for clarification.


Dafont is pretty well known to graphic designers, supplying hundreds of unique fonts, direct from designers.

Remember - not all fonts on Dafont are free, and many are only free under certain limitations.

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is another reputable source of great fonts, the majority of which are ‘100% free for commercial use’.


Fontspring go to lengths to try and make their licensing as transparent and easy to understand as possible. They have a good selection of modern, attractive and functional fonts.


Awwwards recognises the best in world web design. They also provide some very useful design resources. Their curated collection of free fonts from designers around the web includes some beautiful, unique new fonts. To download, you will redirect to the designer's original page, so be sure to check there for any caveats or limitations.


Behance is a community where graphic designers, product designer, illustrators and more share their work. This is a great place to get design inspiration and, for budding artists, to showcase and develop your work. It is also a good place to find the odd free font.

Various kindly font designers share their new creations on Behance for free - such as this beautiful brush script ‘King Basil’ from designer Missy Meyer, which is free for personal and commercial use.


Another place where you can find high-quality free fonts for personal and commercial projects.


Finally, Locomotype is indie type foundry and lettering studio, who have a number of downloadable free and premium fonts on their website. Currently, there are only a handful of freebies on there, but they are rather lovely.