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Stick the kettle on: the internet celebrates Yorkshire Day

lancashire but nicer

It's here, the day we've all been waiting for - Yorkshire Day has arrived! Today's the day that every man, woman and child living in or hailing from ‘God’s own country’ raises their cup of tea/locally brewed ale in celebration. Friday 1st August marks the beginning of a weekend full of village fêtes, tea parties and many a good excuse to get out in the glorious sunshine and feel more than a little smug that Lancashire have to celebrate their national day in late November - suckers!

Still riding on the high of ‘Le Tour de Yorkshire‘, regional pride abounds. In the past week, the internet has been celebrating all things Yorkshire. I’ve had a ‘skeg’ round to try and definitely rank the internet’s top 5 Yorkshire things.

Yorkshire love

internet loves yorkshire

First off, it is important to state the the internet just loves Yorkshire. It really does - look on and you will see the internet is 98.7% positive about Yorkshire. To put that in perspective - that’s 30% up on babies, 17.2% up on kittens, 13.5% on Breaking Bad and 5.2% up on chocolate!

Still don’t believe me? Try typing ‘Yorkshire is’ into Google, go on.

yorkshire is

True love.

In the run up to Yorkshire Day, local bloggers and newspapers asked their twitter followers to share why they love good ol’ Yorkshire.The responses were overwhelmingly positive. Let’s have a look at a few of the reasons why the internet loves Yorkshire.

5. The accent

Ned Stark


The Yorkshire accent hasn't always been universally loved. Oh yes, we've withstood our fair share of mockery for our glottal stops and flat a’s. But, in the last few years, culture seems to be embracing the Northern dialect, with bands like The Arctic Monkeys and shows like Educating Yorkshire unashamedly dropping t’s like they’re hot.

louis 1D

Let’s not forget, everyone knows that Louis’ Bradford accent makes him the dreamiest Directioner…


If you’re still unconvinced as to the charm of the Yorkshire accent, you simply can’t have seen YouTube sensation Millen Eve - probably the most Yorkshire child on earth. Watch the  video, be thoroughly charmed, then brush up on your Yorkshire with this handy guide.

4. The scenery

beautiful yorkshire


Yorkshire is England’s largest county, boasting stunning coastlines, hills, dales and parkland. You really can’t argue with the beauty Yorkshire enjoys, and it was largely due to the county’s natural assets that it was voted the 3rd best region in the world last year.

Many twitter users agreed, when they answered the question ‘What is the best thing about Yorkshire’...

Gods own scenery Landscape new

Margaret even described Yorkshire as ‘Heaven on Earth’. Aww, bless you, Margaret!

3 words   A aaww

3. Yorkshire puddings



Just as Yorkshire has been mocked for its distinctive regional accent, Britain as a nation has long been reviled for the quality of our culinary offering. The stereotype of poor British food is an unfair one - we have some of the world’s top chefs, more Michelin stars than you can shake a stick at and people the world over go absolutely mental for a bar of Cadbury’s. If all this weren't enough, we have the Yorkshire Pudding. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, vessel for delicious gravy and just as tasty with a bit of jam on Monday morning (we've all done that, right?). Yes, Yorkshire puddings are wonderful and the internet agrees.

puds 1






Lack of puddings can cause considerable distress...

pud sad




If you’re a particularly big fan, there’s even a charity Yorkshire pudding eating contest on Friday in Holmfirth. 

2. The people



The Yorkshire people are known for being friendly, down to earth and up for a laugh. We love our county, and there’s a definite sense of community and local pride. We have a dry sense of humour and a warm, welcoming attitude.

Friendly people new

We’ll go to great lengths for a good time...







We have the best celebs...

Man o the year



And we’re pretty easy on the eye...



See Buzzfeed’s '28 Hottest Men & Women from Yorkshire' for indisputable evidence.






1. Yorkshire Tea

yorkshire tea-01


The internet has spoken - Yorkshire Tea, blended just up the road in Harrogate, is probably our region’s greatest export.

According to World of, Yorkshire Tea is Britain’s second favourite tea brand, narrowly losing out to Twinings by just 1%.

Twitter users made their feelings about the beautiful brew quite clear...

tea again Parkin








Some even got dressed up to show their devotion...

tea costume
















There are no two ways about it...

the best

To celebrate last year’s Yorkshire Day, Yorkshire Tea even released this special video. That’s why you’re the best, Yorkshire Tea!


What’s your favourite thing about Yorkshire? Let us know in the comments below or take it to twitter.