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Spring Events Update

25 MAR

Remember Christmas? That was nice. Two languid weeks of pajama wearing and sofa lounging. Barely lifting head from pillow except to cram yet more meats and cheeses into our yawning mouths. This is but a distant memory to the brightfive Events Team, with the new year came renewed commitments to the gym and lots (and lots) of work.

It’s been non-stop since we re-opened our doors. January and February saw us working on events for East Coast, C&A, Costa Express and not forgetting, of course, our 4th year running working at Morrisons National Kick Off Event.

...And then came March and with it The Week of 6 Events.



Kicking it all off was Microsoft’s Global Accounts Summit. Our lovely Tom was winging his way to sunny San Francisco for six days (much to the chargrin of those left in the office). Working with our regular clients PMA Communications, Tom managed content for this high-profile three day event. Some boys have all the luck.


Monday was a busy one. Katie, Si and I spent the day in the office getting last minute changes and preparations seen to before all heading down to the Ricoh Arena in Coventry (yes, who needs San Francisco when you can go to Cov) to work with our colleagues at Roebuck Productions. Si to work on the first of three Whitbread Restaurants Brand Events, and Katie and I to the massive Costa Convention.


IMG 1223.JPG CostaConvention2014 DAY1 106


Show day for the first Whitbread Restaurants event  - starting off with Beefeater. As well as sharing targets and messages, this meeting of Beefeater executives and restaurant managers was also a celebration of the brand’s 40th birthday (there was even a giant cake!). 

Only a floor below Katie and I were busy rehearsing for Wednesday’s Costa Convention. Costa’s biggest event yet, the Convention brought together staff from across the Retail, Franchise, Support and International branches of the business, welcoming over 2000 delegates in all. The conference incorporated formal main hall presentations, exhibitions (including the World’s Largest Coffee Shop!), the launch of Costa’s Summer campaign and a gala dinner, hosted - much to the excitement of crew and delegates alike - by celebrity guest Vernon Kay.

This was the culmination of months of work for us, having designed and printed signage for the event as well as managing and producing all content.

And, after 3 days of travel, set up and graphics clinics Tom's first show day in San Francisco went off without a hitch.

CostaConvention twitter


Show day for Costa, with Katie acting as Content Producer for the the main hall presentations whilst I ran graphics and video for the Summer breakout sessions. Costa events are always good fun as they have such lively and enthusiastic staff throughout their business (it also helped that we had these neat wristbands that got us free Costa coffee whenever we liked - very much appreciated!). Just looking at the #CostaConvention hash tag on Twitter gives you an idea of the excitement in the arena. After a long but rewarding day we left Ricoh with happy delegates, happy clients and a slight caffeine-related tremor.

Normally that would be enough for one day, but no, not in the week of six shows.  Down in Weston-Super-Mare, James was operating graphics at the second Whitbread Restaurants Brand Event for Table Table. Meanwhile, Si travelled to Liverpool to rehearse for the third and final Restaurants event for Brewers Fayre and Tom continued with day 2 of the Microsoft event. No rest for the graphics team, then.


Show day for Si as he ran graphics at Brewers Fayre’s brand event in Liverpool. Tom's last event day in San Fransico saw him completing a successful week and enjoying a little downtime before flying home overnight.

Things were by no means quiet back here in the office as I spent the day editing slides for Friday’s awards event for children’s charity Tommy’s.

Tommy’s funds research into stillbirth, premature birth and miscarriage and provides information and support to parents to be. Their annual awards ceremony recognises companies providing family friendly products, activities and environments as well as the individual achievements of parents, children and healthcare professionals affected by birth complications.


The day of our final event - Tommy’s Awards 2014. Si and Katie enjoyed well deserved time at home, Jeff was down in London at the Landmark Hotel operating the Tommy's show, and me? I was in the office, a little puzzled by the sudden change of pace.

We have a bit of time to play catch up now (reinstate weekly meetings, sort out our cluttered desks, write some blogs) as we move into production of big events for Premier Inn, East Coast Trains and Whitbread, which all go live in the next couple of months.


So, we survived our Week of 6 Events - it was tough, challenging and tiring but our team just got on with it and kept smiling throughout and as a result we've had some great feedback. Thanks everyone.