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Spotlight: Luke Stuart Illustration

10 JUL
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It’s back! Here we have another brightfive Spotlight, where we big up some of our favourite clients, partners and colleagues.

Clowns v Anteaters comission

Ooh err! It’s been an awfully long time since our last Spotlight (in which, incidentally, we wrote about at our thoroughly nice client Peach Orator. Do have a look). So here, with renewed vigour and enthusiasm, we will continue the legacy, looking this time at our colleague, Luke Stuart.

It’s a real pleasure to write about Luke because:
a) we just really like him and enjoyed the excuse to get in touch with him again
b) we get to put lots of his ace pictures in our blog, winning, I am sure, many cool points in the process.

Luke is a freelance illustrator, originally from York like us, but now living and working in London. We've used Luke’s services for two projects in the last couple of years - providing illustrations for an interactive Ford training programme and live-drawing at a conference for Yorkshire Water (delegates brainstormed aloud and Luke depicted each idea on a giant canvas -  trust me, it was good).

I contacted Luke recently to ask him a little bit about his work. This is what he had to say...

Luke Stuart Illustration

Shambles I am Tim

I was always interested in art throughout school, but thought of it as just a hobby. But after finishing university and having no real career path in mind, I realised drawing has been a constant passion throughout my life and decided to try and turn it into a career.

I try and do as many different projects as I can; it’s good to try new things and get out of your comfort zone. I’ve done commercial illustrations as well as various private commissions and at the moment I’m working on some comic strips and a little illustration zine.

You can get inspiration from anywhere, really. I get ideas from films, computer games, art galleries, friends, music, illustration blogs, anything that sparks your imagination and gets you drawing.

My advice to anyone aspiring to be an illustrator would be to practice. Lots of practice, try and draw everyday and don’t be too concerned about immediately having a ‘style’, it will develop as you go along. Also, don’t be afraid to put your work out there and realise its value. Having good friends who support you doesn't hurt either!

Like any good commercial artist, Luke is adept at adopting many styles - from detailed, delicate hand-drawn illustrations to bold, bright, lively cartoons. I sincerely urge you to take a few minutes to look at Luke's Tumbler. There you’ll find a varied selection of his work including commissioned pieces, art prints, sketches and experiments. Many of his pieces reveal his rather dark sense of humour, with plenty of nods to his love of cinema and music.

And if you’re looking for a illustrator - we can heartily recommend his services as a creative, reliable and passionate artist. We’re just waiting for our next opportunity to hire him.

Skull 2 Eel Dancing