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Meet the Team: Sophie Howard


Welcome back to another edition of our Meet the Team series. In this feature, we learn a bit more about our hardworking team. So far we’ve heard from our coder and SEO specialist, Jamie, and from brightfive co-founder and head of Events, me!

Now, it’s Sophie’s turn...


Let’s start with a little about you. Introduce yourself and your role here at brightfive.

I’m Sophie and I’ve been at brightfive for 4 years.

I slightly dread explaining my job to people as it tends to turn into a bit of a ramble. I’ll try not to go on too much....

I was originally brought on board as part of the Events team, as a trainee Presentation Designer, Graphics Operator and Print Designer. This means handling all graphic content for an event: designing the set, stationery and signage, working with speakers to design presentations, and working backstage at the event to operate screen content (i.e. pressing the buttons).

Not long after starting, I began taking on projects for the Web department. My previous roles had given me plenty of copywriting and marketing experience. Experience which I utilised by providing web copy and social media consultancy to our web clients.

Nowadays I’d say my role is perhaps a 70/30 split of Events/Web work. On top of this, I am a right busybody, so I’m frequently taking up new (often self-appointed) roles. Whether it's managing brightfive's blogs and social presence, leading our charitable activities or nagging everyone to recycle their water bottles, I'm always keeping myself pretty busy.

What projects have you been working on recently?

The Events team quite recently put a very big project to bed,  Costa Coffee's UK & I Conference. Their 2017 event was their biggest to date with approximately 2,500 delegates, so there was plenty of work to be done!

The Events team (me, Katie and Si) worked with the Costa team and our regular client, Roebuck Productions, to create an exciting visual design for the conference. This involved offering ideas, and creating mood boards and designs for the physical sets, producing artwork and overseeing the print of venue signage and event stationery,  AND designing 8 separate presentations in PowerPoint and Keynote.

After months of intensive work, it’s always strange to see how quickly it all ends. We arrived on site, joined by our regular (and wonderful) freelance operators Tom and Martin, the day before the conference for a full day of rehearsals. A nice team meal and an unusually good night's sleep (for me anyway) later and it was show day. I was operating graphics for the Summer breakout which was a rotating show (meaning we ran 3 times in a row with a different audience each time, we didn’t actually do any turning around).

When you’re not hard at work, how do you like to unwind?

I like doing lots of things - cooking, eating and playing host, running, yoga (because I’m middle class), working on my allotment (because I’m middle aged) and reading. Before you think I’m too much of a try-hard, I also heartily enjoy some less worthy hobbies, such as watching lots of Netflix and having a big sleep.

Finally, what’s your favourite thing about working at brightfive?

Our brilliant team. We all get on so well and make each other laugh every day (there is definitely a shared sense of humour in the brightfive office). We often work to very tight deadlines which can be stressful, so it’s invaluable to have a friendly, supportive group around you.

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