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Meet the Team: Jamie Mills

12 SEP

Why hello there! Welcome to the first instalment in our ‘Meet the team’ series. Here we get to know each of the brightfivers a little better, asking them some worky questions as well as, y’know, some general stuff.

First up is resident coder and Haribo fan, Jamie Mills.

brightfive Jamie Mills

Let’s start with a little about you. Please introduce yourself and your role here at brightfive.

¡Hola! Soy Jamie Mills, developista del web. Aside from handling our Spanish clientele (natch), I am responsible for coding the websites  and applications that we produce for our customers. I also know a fair bit about databases, web servers and paid online marketing.

Tell us about some of the projects you’ve been working on recently.

We've recently completed a fab new website for one of our oldest clients - ESP. Their core application has evolved into a complex business management system, so we helped them create a new lightweight, responsive and gorgeous looking website with the focus on lead generation.

We are also constantly improving our in-house content management system (CMS) to make every new website that little bit better than the last one. By incorporating newer (but tried and tested) technologies, we can build and deploy functionally rich and beautiful websites that work across all devices, and are quick and easy for our customers to manage.

How did you get started in web development?

Impatience. I used to work for a distribution company some years ago who had great, hard working people, but who were let down on projects by the systems they used. I saw a bunch of potential improvements if we switched some of our processes to use relational databases.

I spoke with my managers who gave me some time and some money to buy a few books and taught myself the basics of database language and some interface coding. From there I landed a junior developer job at North Yorkshire County Council. Several roles and 7 years abroad (hence the flawless Spanish at the start of the blog) later I ended up at brightfive!

When you’re not hard at work, how do you like to unwind?

Cage fighting. I'm not a huge hobbyist but I occasionally like to ride my bike, hang out with friends, drink beer, watch films (mainly sci fi), read books (mainly sci fi) and spend time with my lovely family.

Finally, what’s your favourite thing about working at brightfive?

The general level of overall lovely-ness. We are a bunch of smashers. We work hard and actually care about what we do. The ethos is genuine and the approach of everyone (directors and staff) makes it a great place to work. Happy workers, it seems, translates into happy clients, who knew?

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