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How To Make a Simple Video in PowerPoint

28 NOV
How to

Hello blogsters! Here’s a short and sweet How To with a step-by-step guide for making simple videos in PowerPoint.

I recently created a few little videos to promote my blog 5 Tips for Better Presentations on brightfive’s social media platforms.

Let me take you through how I made this one...



How to make a video in PowerPoint 1

I began by storyboarding my video. I knew I wanted three distinct chapters - my title, the main message, and my summarising statement. So, I created a slide for each of these states.


How to make a video in PowerPoint 2

Next, I applied animations to each of my slides to build my content on and off screen as desired.


How to make a video in PowerPoint 3

Then I had a choice, I could either set up my presentation to automatically transition from one slide to the next when played (above), or I could place all my content on one slide. It’s really much of a muchness - you can do either. I chose the latter...

How to make a video in PowerPoint 4

I simply copy and pasted the content from slides 2 and 3 onto slide 1. I then tweaked my animations to make sure everything appears in the right order, at the right time, automatically upon playing.


How to make a video in PowerPoint 5

Now I’m ready to Export my video! I click ‘File’ > ‘Export’ > Export as video. As this is video is going to be shared on Twitter and Facebook, I will export it at ‘Internet Quality’.


How to make a video in PowerPoint 6

After selecting my Quality I am given 2 choices of video format - MPEG-4 or Windows Media Video. I selected MPEG-4 as this has greater compatibility across different platforms and browsers.


How to make a video in PowerPoint 7

And there we have it! I have a nice wee video to share on on social media!


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