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HOW TO...insert videos in PowerPoint

How to

This is what will hopefully be the first in a series of HOW TO guides. We aim, through these posts, to answer some of the questions our clients most frequently ask us. Over time we hope to create a useful resource for them, and for anyone else who happens to stumble across our blog.

We’ll keep them short, sweet and dead easy to follow. We’re open to requests too, just email your questions to, send us a tweet or reach us through our Facebook page and we’ll do our best to try and cover it.

How to embed video in PowerPoint

This first HOW TO is one of our most frequent PowerPoint queries from clients. Inserting video files into PowerPoint is really easy, once you know how. So here’s a brief overview of how to embed a .WMV file in PowerPoint 2013, as well as how to manage Playback options.

1. Grab your video

First, locate the video files on your computer which you’d like to insert, I’ve chosen a nice video of some fireworks from iStockphoto.

Then, move or copy the file to the same location as your PowerPoint file. This isn’t entirely necessary for the video to work, but it is useful practise. If you are to send your presentation to someone else or move it to another machine, you may run into difficulty if you don’t have the original video file. Keeping them together is just generally a good plan.

2. Insert video

So, let’s insert the video. In PowerPoint click ‘Insert’ on your menu bar. Click the ‘Video’ dropdown and select ‘Video on my PC’.


Then simply navigate to and select your video file. Dead easy!



3. Adjust size

Now your video is embedded. You can now easily position and it wherever you like and, if desired, you can resize it by holding down ‘Shift’ whilst dragging the corner of the video (tip: holding shift when resizing keeps the size in proportion as you scale the image - meaning you don't end up with squished videos or pictures). Here I’ve made the video fullscreen, just as an example.



4. Playback options

Next, let’s have a quick look at the Playback options at our disposal.

You can either have your video play when you manually cue it with a click, or to start automatically as soon as the slide comes on screen. Simply select ‘Playback’ under the ‘Video Tools’ tab and select your desired playback option from the dropdown.


On this tab you can also Fade your video in/out, Trim the beginning/end of the video and select to Loop the video until the next click.


Well, there you have it - your video’s playing in PowerPoint. Hurrah!

Please post your questions or comments below, email us, tweet us - whatever floats your boat!



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