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Grammar Masterclass #6: There, They're or Their [Infographic]

18 JAN

Hello again grammar fans!

It’s a brand new year, a blank page, so full of exciting potential.  Each January affords us an opportunity for a fresh start, a rebirth if you will. We are invited to take stock, reflect and make changes to help us become a better person than we were the year before.

So, while we’re diligently hitting the gym, eating our greens, being more green, and ploughing through the complete works of Shakespeare, let us also resolve to improve ourselves by gaining a little more mastery of this, our mother tongue*.

Our previous infographic was on the subject of 'Your' and 'You're'. This month, we investigate another tricky homophone: There / They’re / Their.

There v2 01.png

So there we have it! Muddling there/they’re/their is such an easy mistake to make. However, the rule is pretty simple once committed to memory. Hopefully these wee oranges will stick in your mind next time you find yourself stuck in this particular grammatical quagmire.

There will be another Grammar Masterclass next month (there’s simply so many words out there, it never ends!). If you have any suggestions for rules you’d like to see featured, just give me a shout on Facebook, Twitter or in the Comments.

* If English is not your first language you are of course equally welcome to enjoy and learn from these silly little cartoons. I just like the phrase ‘mother tongue’ and wanted the excuse to use it.


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