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Grammar Masterclass #3: Apostrophes [Infographic]

25 OCT
How to use apostrophes

Another month, another instalment of our Grammar Masterclass series. So, intrepid linguistic explorers, let us join hands as we we journey once again into the murky depths of the English language.

First, a brief recap. In Part One we looked at the difference between Its and It's. Next we shifted our focus to the subtle but important distinction between I.e. and E.g.

There we go, we’re all caught up.

October is, we all know, the spookiest month of the year. Fittingly, this month we are taking on one of the trickiest and therefore most terrifying of grammatical tools. Yes, that’s right: we’re doing apostrophes.

Apostrophes are misused all the time. The eagle-eyed among us will have spotted errant apostrophes everywhere; from emails and blogs to menus, billboards, shop signs, even on national TV for Pete’s sake.

Whilst apostrophes are a bit more complex than the topics covered to date, thankfully their use is governed by a clear set of rules. We hope this infographic helps to take some of the fear out of this devilish punctuation mark...

Grammar Masterclass #3 - How to use apostrophes

It is a bit complicated, I grant you. However, with this infographic as your handy resource you need never again face the horror of incorrectly using (or neglecting to use) this important and versatile little punctuation mark.

Be sure to check out our It's vs. Its masterclass, where the ever-crafty apostrophe rears its head again (and, unhelpfully, refuses to adhere to some of the rules described here). 

There will be another Grammar Masterclass next month. If you have any suggestions for topics you’d like to see covered, just let us know!


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