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Grammar Masterclass #2: I.E. vs. E.G. [Infographic]

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The wait is over, grammar nerds. Here it finally is - the second part of our Grammar Masterclass series! Join us as we tackle the tricksy, conquer the confusing, and grapple with all things grammatical. 

In Part One, if you missed it, we looked at the difference between Its and It's.  This time, it's I.e. vs. E.g.

I.e. and E.g. have a lot in common. Both are abbreviations of Latin words. Both are used to qualify a statement. 

They are not, however, interchangeable. So, how do you know which one to use? Well, it all depends what kind of evidence you are using the support your statement. Is it an example? Or is it an explanation? 

Sound confusing? This infographic should make things a lot clearer...


Grammar i.e. or e.g.


Not so complex after all.

Well, that's enough excitement for one day. We'll be back with more linguistic lessons soon as our Grammar Masterclass continues. 


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