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Grammar Masterclass #1: It's vs. Its [Infographic]

23 AUG

Welcome friends, to the first instalment in our Grammar Masterclass series. Over the coming weeks, we will focus on those tricky words, phrases and punctuation marks responsible for most common grammatical gaffes. 

First up, it's vs. its.

This rule is pretty simple, pretty easy to remember. Nonetheless it's a mistake even the best of us are prone to making if we aren't paying attention. 

So, how do we remember which its is it


Grammar it's or its


Easy, right? 

Of course, the weird and wonderful world of apostrophes is a complicated subject. In the case of 'its', we don't use an apostrophe to denote possession (i.e. when one thing belongs to another). However, this example goes in direct opposition to the general rules for apostrophes. Don't panic though, we will cover all this in more detail later in the series.

Now you know your it's from your its, make sure to check back for more grammar tips. 


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