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DocRaptor: A PDF Creation Service

29 APR

At brightfive we like clever stuff. And we also like stuff that just works.

Building complex web applications for our clients requires problem solving which (believe it or not) is one of the best parts of the job. We identify a requirement and then scratch our heads as to how best to meet it. Sometimes these challenges are simple and easily solved. Other times they turn into a “three pipe problem” as some Victorian logic botherer once said.

We are not all gifted with the intellectual dexterity of Sherlock Holmes, alas. But, then his clients would never dream to impose upon him indignity of an unreasonable deadline or a tight budget.  ;)

So, whilst we truly do enjoy the mixture of frustration and satisfaction that app development brings, it's always good to find that some of the leg work has been done for you.

One of our more recent discoveries was DocRaptor. We built a complex sales contract application for one of our larger clients, and were looking for an affordable and reliable way to produce finalised versions of the contract as PDF files. PDF is the de-facto format for this type of document, as it is immutable but easy to download and send by email.

DocRaptor was perfect. It has an easy to use API, which easily plumbed into our favourite PHP framework. All we had to do was produce the HTML and then DocRaptor would give us our PDF document. The help and documentation were spot on, meaning we had it up and running pretty quickly.

The API included useful options such as test mode (free of charge, great!) and flags for things like strict HTML validation. We also found it helped us to export client sales reports in XLS format too.

As well as the API, there is a helpful dashboard which allows you to track the documents being created, catch and debug any errors, and quickly see how much of your monthly allowance has been used.

But for us one of the main considerations was the rock solid reliability. It just works. And, as I say, we like that.

If you need quick, easy and powerful PDF creation for your app give it a go.

Visit for more information.