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Building strong relationships

12 DEC
In-toto Kitchens

brightfive celebrate over 5 years working with In-toto Kitchens, one of the UK’s leading fitted kitchen companies, and earlier this year were proud to be named their Supplier of The Year.

At brightfive we like to get to know you. Not in a creepy, going through your bins, sort of way and not in a superficial, salesy, small-talk kind of way either. No, we want to know your business.

Why so nosey?

Well, believe it or not, we find that gaining an understanding of what our clients do helps us to gauge more quickly and accurately how we can help them. For some of our clients that relationship grows year on year to the point where we become a valued (yet cost effective) resource.

We know we’re not indispensable - we’d never presume that - and we know we need to maintain our levels of originality, innovation and customer service. Getting to know what our customers do gives us a familiarity with their business that helps us highlight potential opportunities and ‘quick wins’, as well as pinpoint inefficiencies and just generally find better ways of doing things.

Building these kinds of relationships (warning: I’m going to use the word ‘holistic’ soon) is not part of our sales patter, rather it’s a sensible way to work. By taking a more holistic (sorry) view of a client, we can not only ultimately save them money but help them plan and spend resources in a careful, measured way that brings tangible returns.

Supplier of the Year Award - Brightfive

I don't believe you. It's sales waffle.

OK, let’s take an example. We have worked with In-toto Kitchens (ALNO UK Ltd) for the last five years. What started off as a simple website refresh has grown and developed to the point where we like to think of ourselves as their in-house digital partner.

We have rebuilt and redesigned their websites. We migrated and now manage their showroom email platform. We have leveraged their national presence to great effect by optimising their showroom pages for Google local search. We manage their online advertising. We have built time-saving admin and information management systems for them, liaising with other suppliers and franchisees. We regularly consult on their future plans for online growth and provide strategic advice and innovative ideas.

And, apologies for the trumpet blowing, we do it well. So much so that earlier this year we were invited to speak at their annual conference, where we were delighted to be awarded their coveted Supplier Excellence Award (beating a few household names in the process).

So, what’s your point?

We got to know their business - we got under their skin - and as a result, are able to give them exactly the technical support they need. In-toto Kitchens trust brightfive to give them the right advice and to service their requests promptly and efficiently.

In-toto Kitchens are anticipating an exciting period of growth and we like to think that we helped to be a small, but significant, part of that and will continue to be. It's not rocket surgery - we just know the value of a strong working relationship. Can you say the same of your current digital agency?