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brightfive has moved...a bit

25 SEP
New office

We moved into our charmingly cosy office at York’s Eco Business Centre in 2007 and it was perfect for us, then. As the years have passed our workforce has grown and by 2013 (when Ellie and I couldn’t turn our chairs without bashing into one another and we’d completely run out of plug sockets) we agreed it was high time for a roomier office.

So, we packed up our boxes and carried them all the way...downstairs. We’ve taken up residence in one of the Eco Centre’s bigger, brighter workshop spaces. Everyone has a full desk to themselves, plug sockets to spare and we can turn our chairs a full 360 degrees without fear. Lovely!

Since the ‘big move’ in July we’ve had some time to settle in and make the place nice and homely. We have the luxury of space to accommodate a proper meeting area (complete with coffee machine - we’re still excited about this!) and we’ve each made our working areas our own with plants, pictures, Star Wars toys* (Si, obviously) and our favourite film posters above our desks.

Katie Ellie Meeting area

Take a look at these pictures of our lovely new workspace - we’re pretty pleased with it. If you fancy, pop ‘round for a tea or coffee (the machine even makes hot chocolate, how cool is that!).

*I haven’t checked this with Si but I am sure he will tell me that they are not toys, they are probably ‘collectables’ or something similar. I apologise unreservedly in advance for this completely intentional error.