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brightfive day out: Malham Cove

17 JUL

Simon’s been banging on about us going on a trip to Malham Cove for ages. For so long, in fact, that I never really believed that it would happen. But happen, it did!

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On Friday, we all put on our Out of Office messages and headed deep into the Yorkshire Dales for some serious walking.

The 7.6 mile walk on rugged terrain was quite a challenge for us desk dwellers. Particularly the vertical scramble up a very slippery Gordale Scar - that bit felt uneasily like the beginning of an episode of Casualty. However, once we reached the top (red faced, sweaty and high on adrenaline from our dance with death) we were rewarded with beautiful views and a gentle trek towards Malham Tarn.

After a windswept picnic by the stormy Tarn, we picked our way across the limestone pavement and down the steep steps of Malham Cove. The sun now confidently shining, we headed into Malham village for an ice cream and a cup of tea before returning home.

Thank you to Katie and expedition leader, Simon for another brilliant team day out.

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