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Brightfive Day Out at York Races

20 AUG

We enjoyed a fantastic team day out yesterday at the Yorkshire Ebor Festival at York Racecourse.

brightfive team at York Races

Until recently I lived right next to the racecourse. Having never actually gone as a punter myself, I've been rather against the whole thing. From my point of view, the races had always been synonymous with annoying road closures and tirades of drunken revelers on my  doorstep. I’ve seen some awful, awful things.

But now, having moved well clear of the perimeter, and having spent the day there I can totally see the appeal.  Getting dolled up, sitting in the sunshine, sipping Pimms and occasionally getting up to go and watch the horses makes for a lovely afternoon.

We didn’t win big (despite all Johnny ‘horseman’ Speight’s insider knowledge) but we did recuperate enough of our kitty to pay for dinner afterwards.

Our heads are perhaps a little fuzzy today and my face still aches from laughing too much - so all in all a successful team social. A huge thank you to Katie and Simon for a brilliant day out.