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Brightfive Day Out: White Horse at Sutton Bank

White Horse Sutton Bank

Unless you were down a deep, cool hole tens of feet below ground with no access to Twitter, you’ll know yesterday was the hottest July day in the UK on record. Yesterday also happened to be the day we’d set aside to go for a team outing, for a day of walking and picnicking. How perfectly timed!

Our original plan to traipse the 7 mile route around Malham Cove was somewhat scuppered when we were alerted to the fact that one of our servers had run afoul of technical issues, following an automated update. The Web Team quickly worked to get the issue resolved, and we were on the road only around an hour behind schedule. Due to the later start, we opted to head to Yorkshire’s famous White Horse at Sutton Bank for a shorter, but no less lovely, trek.

Backpacks stuffed with sun cream, water and an ample picnic, we began our walk towards the the chalk horse. It was around midday by this point, around 30C and hilly, so as you might imagine - things got sweaty. Really sweaty. This aside it was a gorgeous day for it, as the clear skies afforded some stunning views over the Vale of Mowbray.

brightfive team day out brightfive team day out Sutton Bank view

When the heat started to get to us, we stopped to cool off and enjoy our picnic. Side note - if you let millionaire’s shortbread bake in a hot rucksack for a couple of hours it becomes a very delicious chocolatey munge. Messy, yes, but we all agreed the taste was much improved.

brightfive team day out

Directly after the scoffing was the ascent up 151 steep steps alongside the Horse itself. I felt uncomfortably aware of every last Hula Hoop and even Ellie and Johnny were out of breath. Phewph!

The rest of our walk was plain sailing along the ridge. There we witnessed a rather dramatic thunder and lightening storm on the other side of the vale (but remained mercifully dry ourselves).

After a brief stop in Kilburn village on our way home for coffee, ice cream and a spot of window shopping, we made our way home to our respective showers.

Very big thank you’s to Katie and Simon for another lovely brightfive day out.