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Brightfive Day Out

25 FEB
Day out at the Royal Armouries

As a sort of company New Year’s Resolution, brightfive decided that in 2013 we would organise a number of socials throughout the year. One member of the team organises each of these days and no grumbling from the others - although Si did veto zip lines, and Sophie put her foot down about ice skating – but otherwise everyone has to jolly well do as their told and enjoy it!

It was no surprise when Jamie cheerily volunteered to organise the year’s first outing proposing, of course, a trip to the pub. In an attempt to disguise this as a valid cultural outing, Jamie hastily added that the inevitable drinking would follow a trip around the Royal Armouries in Leeds. As this involved neither zip lines nor ice skating, all were on board.

Katie wanted dead or alive

Bundled up against the February chill, we arrived in Leeds armed with plenty of enthusiasm and only a vague understanding of where the Armouries is. However the bracing walk around the canal in the winter sunshine was perfectly pleasant, so no one really minded that we got a bit lost (despite my earlier assurances that I knew the way and we didn’t need to look it up).

The Armouries is massive. It’s really massive. There were some interesting exhibits tracing warfare and weaponry from across the world, from antiquity to modern day. Particular highlights included the Oriental Gallery (it had a life-size war elephant!), the medieval collection, and - highlight of highlights - the crossbow range! We all had a go of course. Typically (and annoyingly), Simon proved himself to be a natural; I think about ¼ of mine actually reached the target.

Although very interesting and highly recommended, after a while endless war gets a bit much. We all agreed we’d had enough – it was, frankly, a bit of a downer. We wandered back towards the city centre for a delicious lunch and a couple of beers. Afterwards we made a brief visit to the art gallery for a spot more culture (keeping things in balance, see?) before a final pint at Nation of Shopkeepers (my choice, Jamie and Simon deemed it “too youth” for their taste).

All in all, a lovely day out. Big thanks to Katie and Simon for taking us and Jamie for (kind of) organising it.