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Babies, babies, babies!

26 SEP
Tilly Sam

We really have been quite remiss. We’ve not been keeping up with the blog over the last few years. But, in our defence, that may be in part to do with the fact everyone seems to have been so busy having babies left, right and centre.

Blogging to congratulate each brightfiver upon the birth of their newborn would have been a nice thing to do.

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to do it when the babies were newborns. So here they are, all in one place, four years’ worth of congratulations!

First, to Katie and Simon. Congratulations on the birth of their beautiful, hilarious little girl, Matilda in 2009 (there was actually a blog about Tilly’s arrival, but look at her! She’s just too cute not to include!).

Next Jamie and his wife Vanessa introduced our delightful wee man, Sam, to the world in 2010. Congratulations Jamie and Ness!

Oscar and Arthur

Shortly after followed Si and his partner Kylie’s first child, Oscar, who visits us every now and then to bash on keyboards and generally be adorable. Then, earlier this year, along came his little brother (and doppelganger) Arthur. Congratulations Si and Kylie, for having TWO gorgeous babies.